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HUD-FHA Manual 4150.2
HUD-FHA Manual 4150.2
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Chapter 4 HUD-FHA Lenders Manual 4155.2
Harrison's Complete UAD - URAR Guide
Harrison's Complete UAD - URAR Guide
NEW Illustrated Guide to the Fannie Mae 1004MC Form

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Market Conditions Addendum Illustrated Guide
Henry Harrison's Illustrated Guide to the 1004MC Form "Market Conditions Addendum" provides a complete line-by-line analysis of the form, with comprehensive Author's Comments regarding implications, cautions and pitfalls to avoid. Includes a complete condominium Case Study and filled out 1004MC Form.

Includes CD-Rom

Includes March 09' Update

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Offers a complete review of each line of the NEW FannieMae Market Conditions Addendum Form as well as all the changes and their implications. Includes CD-ROM.
Only: $49.95

CD-Rom of The Entire Market Conditions Illustrated Guide
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Market Conditions CD-ROM offers the entire Illustrated Guide in PDF format, which also includes the Case Study and completed 1004MC.
Only: $39.95

Promo discounts do not apply to this product

Special Offer: Get a FREE 1004MC Illustrated Guide when you buy the URAR & 2055 "Drive-by" Illustrated Guides
These books cover over 80% of all appraisal work!
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#300285 - URAR 2005 Illustrated Guide - $39.95
#300090 - Exterior-Only Inspection -
(2055) Residential Appraisal Report
#300213 - Market Conditions Illustrated Guide. Includes CD-ROM.- $49.95
THREE Book Offer $69.95 - Save $59.90!

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Marketing Conditions 1004MC Package

Special Offer: Marketing Conditions -
1004MC Package $54.95 plus shipping
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#300213 - Henry Harrison's Illustrated Guide to the 1004MC form. Includes CD-ROM.

#300289 - Fannie Mae booklet describing changes and clarifications plus related FAQ's.

#112725 - 25 one page Market Conditions Addendum form 1004MC.

Three Part Package Offer! SAVE $15.90

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